Prospecting is the most important activity an Enterprise Account Executive can pursue. Too often, it is left to an Inside Rep, an Out Sourced Lead Generation Company, or not done at all. In addition to generating leads, prospecting also gives you a better feel for what is going on in your territory. Why leave it to someone else.

There are a variety of approaches, strategies, and techniques any marketer can use in their prospecting efforts. For starters, begin with what few, if any, will contest is absolutely the best mailing list in the entire world. Your existing customers! Your customer data base is the foundation of your business, and represent a goldmine of future business. Your existing customers are also where you'll find a treasure trove of solicited customer testimonials, which can be used in all of your prospecting efforts. This is why you'll want to begin your prospecting efforts here, because testimonials for any ad copy writer is like copywriting gold dust.